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Trump Aides Talked to Russians?  Big Deal!



March 28, 2017







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If you are English and someone says to you: "The French are your brothers," your first instinctive feeling will be: "Nonsense, they shrug their shoulders and talk French. And I am even told that they eat frogs." If he explains to you that we may have to fight the Russians, that, if so, it will be desirable to defend the line of the Rhine, and that, if the line of the Rhine is to be defended, the help of the French is essential, you will begin to see what he means when he says that the French are your brothers. But if some fellow-traveler were to go on to say that the Russians also are your brothers, he would be unable to persuade you, unless he could show that we are in danger from the Martians.

Bertrand Russell
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Ernest Partridge

NEW:  Trump Aides Talked to Russians?  Big Deal!  The simple act of “talking to the Russians” appears to be a disqualification for high office. This act, and the lying about it that followed, cost Michael Flynn his job as National Security Advisor. The same offense may yet oust Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The very idea of “talking to the Russians” has become so toxic in today’s politics and media, that a cabinet nominee would rather risk perjury than admit to meeting a Russian diplomat face-to-face.

REPRISE: Bungling Toward Oblivion: A Letter to my Friends in Russia Мои Дорогие Друзья!  (My Dear Friends:)  It appears, to my great sorrow, that the Cold War is returning. However, this is no time for despair. Rather it is a time for a renewed determination of men and women of good will on both sides to resist this drift toward confrontation, and to strive to restore the brief moment of friendship, respect and mutual cooperation that we experienced scarcely a decade ago.  (From July 2, 2014)


Bernard Weiner: 

James Comey Visits his Shrink.  James Comey is an emotional wreck as he tries to deal with the political snakepit that is the FBI these days: a pro-Trump faction engaged with a more moderate faction in a war of pre-election leaks. Come needs help. In his psychiatrist, the Bureau director finally has somebody he can vent to. 

REPRISE:  Germany In 1933: The Easy Slide Into Fascism  This essay, written when the CheneyBush administration was running roughshod over the Constitution, is still relevant today as our homegrown neo-fascists have entered the political mainstream. Trump makes George W. seem like a genteel moderate. The parallels to the rise of fascism in 1930 Europe, of course, are not exact, but seem eerily familiar.(First posted June 9, 2003) 


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