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Reader Responses to Ernest Partridge's

"What Can We the People Do About Election Fraud"



There is no other more important issue before us than starting a massive grassroots effort against our current dysfunctional and fraudulent election system.

I found this online slide show presentation a great way of introducing the subject to people unfamiliar with the problems: http://www.electionfraud2004.org/presentation/index.html .

So, what can we do?

1) We have to speak out about the whole concept of privatizing out our sacred right to vote out to programmable 3rd-party machines. As Thomas Paine said, "The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which all other rights are protected. To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery." Therefore, the same outrage that is shown towards the concept of privatizing out Social Security must also then be shown for the whole concept of placing our own National Elections and the right to vote into the hands of private corporations. We can have real elections again in this country, but to do so it means the following:

a) A return to paper-ballot voting, where the results are tabulated in an open, publicly monitored, fashion (including absentee ballots which must contain proper postmarks) and where the results are then easily auditable, traceable, and reproducible.

b) Same-Day-Voter-Registration. This is the only remedy that can overcome the many attempts to obstruct registration and treat people unequally and it will render useless ChoicePoint (Database tactics) and the other Registration Form and Provisional ballot schemes designed to suppress the turnout for particular demographics (blacks, etc.) Same-Day Voter Registration means you cannot be turned away at the polls (provided you are a citizen). Simply put, you get to vote and have that vote counted. This is the spirit of how free and fair elections were intended in the first place.

c) No campaign chairman, campaign assistants, operatives, etc. can ever serve in the positions of Secretary of State or other Election officials. This is an obvious conflict of interest and cannot be ever considered acceptable.

d) Make election day itself a Federal Holiday, leaving people free to commute to their precincts, wait-in-line for several hours if necessary without interfering with their work schedules, school pressures, daycare and family needs or other life affecting commitments. Once we do these things, we can have elections that we trust again. We need to speak to these issues and build a grassroots movement of the same size and force as the movement opposed to the privatization of Social Security.

2) It distresses me that some of our own people, who should be out in front leading the charge on this issue, are silent. Air America's Al Franken constantly states on the airwaves that Bush "won" the election fair and square and that there is no controversy. Clearly, Franken needs to be educated on and exposed to the facts of Ohio and elsewhere. In addition, Howard Dean, has been essentially silent and voiceless on this critical issue. This combined with Dean's public "let's stay the course" stance on the inhumane, terror-producing, U.S. Iraq Occupation makes me wonder, does Howard Dean need to get some "backbone"?

3) So we need to close ranks on this issue with our own people. Then roll out the issue exactly as we did with Social Security. We need to have open, publicly monitored, verifiable, auditable, tamper-free national elections. This is neither unrealistic, impractical, nor impossible. It is the first frontier of a functioning democracy. If other nations can do this, why can't America do this? Our right to vote is everyone's right. Everyone in the country can agree on this shared goal of fair and verifiable elections. This is our right. It is not a Left-Wing right or a Right-Wing right. It is simply put the essence of a democracy, without which there is no democracy. This right cannot be privatized out into the control 3rd-Party corporations.

It belongs to us.

Derek Larsen

Dear Ernie,

I read your letter with a mounting feeling of relief that someone put the case so succinctly to Mr. Wycliff at the Chicago Tribune. (Here is Wycliff's column). This is what we should all be doing. We have to wake up the media in one way or another to the fact that our democracy is at stake, unless it's already gone.

As I was reading your latest essay "What Can We the People Do About Election Fraud?,"  I kept asking myself what in the world we could all do, we must all do, in order to get this vital issue brought into the light by the mainstream media. I am sick of reading from relatively reasonable pundits that Bush won the 2004 election. It had been won for him before the first vote was counted! By Diebold and by the likes of Ohio's Kenneth Blackwell.

Thank you, Ernie. We must not ever let go of this most important issue until we get back our assurance that all votes are counted.

Siv O'Neall
(France) (5/3)

Note: For Don Wycliff's letter and Ernest Partridge's response, see his blog.


First of all I want to thank you for the instructional article on how to deal with election fraud that ran on Democratic Underground today. I've been following this story since before the election and have a huge stack of printouts of related articles which I regularly share with others... 

I've been wondering what could I possibly do to assure that my vote is counted (I live in Athens, GA, a tiny blue dot in a sea of red which is currently facing US Congressional gerrymandering). I'm aware that there are well-founded suspicions that the the software used to hijack the 04 Presidential election was likely tested during the '02 GA election which threw out Max Cleland (a beloved Democratic senator) and ushered in Sonny Perdue (a hard-line Republican governor).

I've considered simply making a stink when I show up to the polls (and encouraging others to do so as well). I'd refuse to use the machines, demand a paper ballot, and demand to know where it goes. What if millions of people across the country made this stink? When presented with the evidence, most democratic sympathizers admit something's fishy. If a mass-movement could be instituted, election day could be a day of utter chaos that the media simply couldn't ignore!

What do you think? Can this happen?

Melissa Link
April 26

"What Can We the People Do About Election Fraud?"

How about requiring picture I.D.'s for starters?

Bill Schilling

Ernest Partridge replies.

Well, maybe. But might this not screen out many minorities and poor people? Jesse Jackson Sr. among others has expressed this concern. Here's an compromise: allow "same day registration" with picture ID required. Otherwise, advance registration with no picture ID required.

Thank you for writing about this. I think that voting fraud is THE issue. We can put up the best candidates and have public opinion on our side and it doesn’t matter a wit if Republicans are counting the votes. The only thing the media corporations understand is money, and we need to keep making the connection for them: silence on fraud = loss of revenue and the converse, that honest reporting on this issue can be a financial boost.

Keep up the great work!

Heather Wilkes

Mesa, AZ

Subject : Parody web site Bushcheated04.com could help to publicize election fraud

While it may seem childish and patently offensive to those who toil tirelessly to publicize election fraud the humor of http://bushcheated04.com could help publicize this important issue.

Sprinkled throughout and included in an extensive links section is the proof:


There is also a Flash movie and song:


rosebud57 member of DU

Sally Jones
April 26

Thank you for keeping voter fraud on the table.

Can Democratically held districts refuse to used republican manufactured equipment? Would it make sense to start in key districts in key states and try and alter the way votes are tabulated there?

I wonder who can be boycotted in this situation? Is Diebold privately owned? Could Soros et al purchase the company?

I don't know what is more disgusting - stolen elections or a democratic party determined to be republican. I think a lot of the blind eye being turned to this topic is because of the discontent with all politicians.

Roy Fox
April 26

Billboards throughout the country: "Paper ballots NOW! Hand counts NOW! Democracy NOW!"

John Silva

Dear Dr. Partridge,

As one of many election justice activists, we are looking for ways to help the public understand the extent of the problem. One issue not covered in your recent article, but one you might want to elaborate in the future, is that our elections have been privatized. Many of our voting systems are no longer in the public trust: in essence, our elections officials have created what may be illegal contracts with voting equipment vendors, and we are no longer in control of our voting systems. Thus they have violated our trust and failed to fulfill their duties as public servants. This is the position that Paul Lehto, atty in Snohomish County, Washington, and former chair of the Washington bar association, is alleging in his case.

I think it's a worthy position, and one around which legislation can be built. And, legislation is what there is to do. When people ask what can we do, the answer is create legislation that mandates Voter Verified Paper Ballots as the ballot of record, vote counting systems owned and audited by the public, and recounts paid for with public money. Then organize people to watch the ballots, the ballot counting, and the tabulating. I think the parallel tabulation system is a great idea.

Thanks for your work.
Cheryl Lilienstein

Since no one is interested in us as "citizens," perhaps we should use our power as "consumers". I would be willing to forego any discretionary spending (nothing beyond housing, utilities, food, transportation) until an adequate federal law guaranteeing voting rights becomes law.


Pamela Finley
April 28

Dear Mr. Partridge:

Thank you for your article, "What Can We the American People Do About Vote Fraud?" I, too, am gravely concerned about this issue. As a matter of fact, about two months ago I sent a letter to 150 congressional reps in Washington (via e-mail). In the missive I stated what I felt they had done wrong and how to correct their mistakes. I also e-mailed the same letter to Ex-President Jimmy Carter, who had just been appointed to an Election Reform Committee (along with James Baker). I never received any response back from them. In my letter, I told them how to fix the voting system and I would be honored if you would read what I sent to these people. I have taken the liberty of posting it below. Any feedback you can give me would be appreciated. Also, I wonder if Michael Moore would be interested in spreading the word about voter fraud. He has a tendency to round up people in an amazing way. Please give me your thoughts on this idea.

Here, then, is the letter:


It is not too difficult to see what has happened to our country and why this democracy has failed. It’s the individual lawmaker, over many decades, voting in his/her own self-interest that has ruined this country. We don’t need "career legislators," but rather conscientious Americans dedicated to following the Constitution to guide this country.

Our basic two-party political system is corrupt. If you are a Republican you know it, if you are a Democrat you know it. You are all consumed by greed and feed off the generous corporate donations you receive to back legislation that favors big business. This ensures your ‘re-election’ to a great degree. Corporations dictate America's policies, not the Constitution!!!

Unless you decide to meet en masse in a conscious-raising mode to reclaim the standards of our Constitution, we are lost forever! We will no longer remain a super power in the world. "To err is human, to forgive divine." Nice words, they can still apply, if you admit to yourselves and to the American people your errors and get on with the business of maturing and refining your souls. You could then be the legislators that honorable people thought they were electing.

My personal recommendation is that you (reps of both parties) need to break away from your individual parties and form a major third party -- say the "Constitutional Party," and help the American people.

Your platform, if I may suggest, should include the following actions:

Do away with the Federal Reserve Bank. It is breaking this country. This should be your very first move.

Print our own currency.

Balance the budget. You need to downsize government. Keeping things simple is always a good idea.

Revamp our system of voting.

Do away with the Electoral College; and

Amend the Constitution to state candidates win by popular vote; and

Eliminate all electronic voting machines and optical scans. They are too prone to inaccuracies and promote fraud; and

Institute a nationwide, state-by-state congruent system of voting, which is voting by mail. {Note, the State of Oregon used this method and it was highly successful}.

All ballots should be hand-counted, yes, hand-counted. This process should be overseen by an equal number of representatives from all political parties. The process should continue until all ballots are counted.

The reasoning behind this type of system is that it will cut down on intimidation at the polls, such as we have witnessed in great magnitude during the last two national elections. The news media will not be sensationalizing our very sacred right to vote. We won’t have the hysteria they evoke in us, by their numerous referrals to the ‘Exit Polls,’ nor their biased take on who is winning!

Additionally, campaigning should be done during a one-month period only, say in September or October, right before the election. Of course, I am speaking now about national elections only. The corruption by big business of legislators, would be curbed by this method.

Revise the Tax Code. Don’t give huge tax breaks to big companies; let them pay for the right to make huge profits, but not at the expense of the little guy.

Revamp existing immigration laws.  America is being overwhelmed by illegal immigrants coming into our country from Mexico.  This influx of low-income people is breaking the financial backs of several states.  This issues must be addressed and soon.  Like yesterday!.

Eliminate life-terms for Supreme Court Justices. Who else in our society has that kind of job security? People get stale and are too easily influenced by private interests by remaining in power for such a long time.

Make it illegal for a President to pre-empt war. This is absolutely unconstitutional. {One of the biggest mistakes the Democrats made during this last election was not standing firm against war}! Americans had no real choice in the matter. That was so sad and unfortunate for our country.

There are many other issues worthy of action, but addressing these big ones is a nice start for now. I wish to reiterate the importance and necessity of each person taking a moral inventory of his/her actions. Only by deep soul reflection can we get to the basis of our national sickness.
It's OK to make a mistake, but don't continue its life.  Admit your errors and move on!

If we are to save this beautiful country is it imperative that each of you put your personal agendas aside and opt for integrity over party loyalty. It is the only way we can hope to take back our country. You are all Americans first, not Republican or Democrat. Save America!!! Do it now before it is irretrievable!!!

God bless you all and thank you for listening to my humble ideas!

Carol Eaves

My slogan, offered as a public service in service to the Republic: "WHEN MACHINES COUNT THE VOTES, VOTER'S VOTES DON'T COUNT".

This slogan is relatively short, totally to the point and, I believe, altogether apposite to the situation. As a recovering journalist I understand the importance of a few good words. Another tack: If all else fails it may become incumbent on American citizens in the states burdened with unaccountable voting machines, to nonviolently, but physically destroy them in a very highly publicized manner. Sometimes direct action remains as the last possible recourse in the face of expanding tyranny. Ideally, of course, this would be the last in a series of measures in a pattern of gradual escalation. Hopefully, this issue, through your efforts and those of other good people, will be kept in front on the public. The Democrats' feet must be held to the fire, as well. They should threaten to stand down the next election if full and fully accountable reforms are not in place prior to the election. Massive public protest, of one type or another, may well be needed in 2006 and the planning should be in place by the end of this year.

Thank you for your efforts in this matter.

Carstie Clausen
Clearbrook, Mn.

Our group ASPN Appoint a Special Prosecutor Now has been moving in that direction for the past 5 months. We have gathered signatures on petitions, printed up lovely tee shirts with a picture of Karl Rove as a puppet master with Bush as his puppet monkey. Bush is holding a Diebold briefcase saying "Thank You for Voting' The overall catchphrase is "Election Fraud' .

We are based in San Diego CA and we succeeded in getting the County Dem organization to pass a resolution asking its local Congressmen to Demand a Special Prosecutor investigate the alleged election fraud in the 2004 presidential election. Then just two weeks ago in LA the Democrats had a statewide meeting and my resolution went before the Resolution Committee for a pass or fail vote and it was passed unanimously. I was allotted only two minutes to speak on its behalf.

This is not new to me as in 1973 I started "The Committee to Make Watergate Perfectly Clear" and we enjoyed much success with the Nixon Impeachment.

So I hope you will let people know about us. Our P.O. Box is 1488 Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

My name is Richard Ascher

Re: 'What can we the people do about election fraud?

I agree that we need a fixed body of intellectual work on election issues. A book, if you will. But it's much harder than one might imagine to create a book that can be published by a mainstream imprint.

I am creating a series of carefully-researched papers on Florida at http://www.failureisimpossible.com/ElectionStudies/index.htm.  At some point, those might be formed into a single chapter of a book. But there are other chapters: exit polls, the Ohio story, New Mexico, and so on. It would be ideal if some of the papers could be published in professional journals.

What the effort needs is a sitting academic in Political Science or Government who is willing to coordinate the effort, shepherd papers through peer review, and so on.


Oliver Dawshed

Presently, from what I understand there is one counting system and collaboration between the various parties proving its integrity to avoid fraud. In this system a crackerjack programmer can manipulate the data after it has fed into the computer. It is to be remembered that programmers can be partial in their work. From the results of the election in some of the key states in the general election, it is possible and believed by many that there was tampering.

An independent counting system by each party is a better solution. The raw data from, punched cards, computer terminals, absentee ballots etc is sent to each party involved. Anytime data is computerized it can be manipulated, so it is important that all electronics be certified including computer terminals used for voting. It is important that the raw data be independent and free from any manipulation. Each party has the option to use whatever counting system and computer system on the raw data they would like. They need not be the same. At the end of the day the counts from each party's computer had better be the same. If there are discrepancies between the counts, they must then be resolved.

Tom Besmer

Ernest Partridge replies:

Good Point!

If touch-screen machines produce paper ballot/receipts, inspected by the voters and then deposited in separate ballot boxes, this would go a long way toward validating the voting at the precincts. Much better: paper ballots, and no machines at all. But your suggestion is especially applicable at the regional "compiling" level. I have also suggested independent and parallel compilations. And if the results do not agree, then the auditors come in. As many critics (myself included) overlooked prior to the election, the balloting can be 100% accurate and the election can still be stolen by the compiling computers. In fact, Howard Dean and Bev Harris demonstrated on CNBC how this can be done.

Thank you for keeping voter fraud on the table.

Can Democratically held districts refuse to used republican manufactured equipment? Would it make sense to start in key districts in key states and try and alter the way votes are tabulated there?

I wonder who can be boycotted in this situation? Is Diebold privately owned? Could Soros et al purchase the company?

I don't know what is more disgusting - stolen elections or a democratic party determined to be republican. I think a lot of the blind eye being turned to this topic is because of the discontent with all politicians.

Roy Fox

At the L.A. Times Book Festival last weekend when I pleaded with a panel that included Katrina vanden Heuvel, to bring the issue of voter fraud to the for front in the progressive media and then force it into the MSM, I could hear sounds of clapping and agreement coming from the people in an audience of about 300. A number of people approached me afterward to let me know they shared my frustration.

Thank you for your essay. I will pass it along.

Diane Morris
Laguna Beach, Ca.


thank you. great article.

Tally Briggs

Buy stock, boycott Disney and sue to force coverage of voting fraud!

Your editorial on what to do about voting fraud is right on target. I've been saying for ages that boycotting media is the only way to get their attention, but it's only part of the solution.

The network and cable news stations are all owned by major corporations: Disney, General Electric, Viacom, NewsMax and Time Warner. All of these companies made lots of products that can be boycotted.

Start with Disney. Stage boycotts of Disney World and Disneyland with pickets outside handing out flyers about how the corporate media is covering up evidence of voting fraud to protect George W Bush--who in turn has had the FCC and his administration reward big media with monopoly powers. Urge everyone who agrees and is outraged to call Disney's chief financial officer and CEO, informing them that they intend to boycott ALL Disney products -- including Disney toys, videos, movies, and ABC NEWS sponsors.

How long do you think it will take for Disney's stock to plummet?

Then you have a few folks who own shares to file shareholder lawsuits, alleging that Disney/ABC's manipulation of the news and coverup of voting fraud has negatively impacted shareholder value.

Be sure that CBS, NBC, Fox and Time-Warner understand that they're next, if they don't start broadcasting the truth about voting fraud and other issues. Media bias that covers up the truth about how the Bush administration is destroying democracy in America must not be tolerated!

Disney is an appropriate first target, since they censored a show with a script that originally referred to the "Fox Blocker" and exposed the bias of Fox News.

Miriam Raftery
Media Committee Chair
San Diego For Democracy, and
Media Co-Chair, Voices For Open & Truthful Election Results & Reform

Dr. Partridge,

It doesn't get much notice (maybe because it's only three electoral votes), but a small group of Vermonters spent most of 2003 and 2004 working to put a law into place to protect our votes. The law was passed with a Republican Senate and Governor:


Stephen Barrett

Excellent article and I agree there is no other issue. Election fraud is it. period. Everything else is rendered moot.

I have been struggling with this issue since before the election but especially since the election. I formed a local activist group and we have been emailing, telephoning and snail mailing everyone we think is in a position to help.

The latest advice I was given was to write to Trent Lott, because as I'm sure you are aware, he is the sitting chairman of the Senate Rules Committee and legislation was offered after the 2000 election and again after this election and he has basically sat on all of it and not even called for hearings. So we started two weeks ago and we will continue to mail him letters each and every week until we see results. I was told by my Senator in a listening session (Russ Feingold, we are fortunate, he is great!) that if a Senator receives 15 calls or letters on the same subject on any given day, that does make an impact. So I thought, wow our small group could handle that one. Just think what the impact could be if this grows.

I think this is the kind of pressure we need politically. We also are doing something about the mainstream media. Just after the election, I was hitting all the major newspapers and wires every day and usually more than once each day. Then I found truthout and Buzzflash and the DU and I no longer hit any of the MSM and advised my group to do the same. The number of hits to a web site directly affects profits, and you are absolutely correct. The cardinal rule is always, follow the money it will lead you straight to the heart of the matter.

If you have any specific ideas please detail them to me. I think I have the same problem many people are facing right now. I have tons of people willing to do, whatever it takes and write, call send emails whatever as long as we are not wasting our energy. When you say use the media blaster, it isn't productive , in my opinion unless it is organized. So what would you suggest? Assign each person a state? a medium? What?

These are the nitty gritty details we need to know. This is what will make a huge impact. A major campaign to turn off the television sets. While on that subject, why not make an appeal to Neilson families to boycott television news?

Thanks for standing up
Thanks for answering the call.

Denise Hesse

People must join together and demand verified voting. There should be marches at state legislative offices since it would seem that each state has the right to pass such legislation. If Republican dominated legislatures refuse to pass such laws, ask why. Notify the press of these demonstrations. I doubt that many people here in Florida know that Glenda Hood and Jeb Bush fought Robert Wexler's attempt to bring verified voting here. Why?

There are presently bills in Congress to bring about verified voting. One of them is sponsored by Rush Holt from N.J. I understand the Republicans won't let it out of committee. Why? We have to make so much noise about this that the press has to take note.

My Congressman, Adam Putnam wrote me a few weeks ago about the success of overcoming election fraud in the Ukraine. I responded statements regarding
stolen elections in Fl. I asked why the Republicans were so against verified voting. I have not received an answer yet.

Lynn Dell

Subject : Voter Confidence Resolution

Voter Confidence Resolution
(v6.0, LAST UPDATED: 4/23/05 11pm)

Whereas an election is a competition for the privilege of representing the people; and

Whereas each voter is entitled to cast a single ballot to record his or her preferences for representation; and

Whereas the records of individual votes are the basis for counting and potentially re-counting a collective total and declaring a winner; and

Whereas an election's outcome is a matter of public record, based on a finite collection of immutable smaller records; and

Whereas a properly functioning election system should produce unanimous agreement about the results indicated by a fixed set of unchanging records; and

Whereas recent U.S. federal elections have been conducted under conditions that have not produced unanimous agreement about the outcome; and

Whereas future U.S. federal elections cannot possibly produce unanimous agreement as long as any condition permits an inconclusive count or re-count of votes; and

Whereas inconclusive counts and re-counts have occurred during recent U.S. federal elections due in part to electronic voting devices that do not produce a paper record of votes to be re-counted if necessary; and

Whereas inconclusive results have also been caused by election machines losing data, producing negative vote totals, showing more votes than there are registered voters, and persistently and automatically swapping a voter's vote from his or her chosen candidate to an opponent; and

Whereas inconclusive results make it impossible to measure the will of the people in their preferences for representation; and

Whereas the Declaration of Independence refers to the Consent of the Governed as the self-evident truth from which Government derives "just Power";


Because inconclusive results, by definition, mean that the true outcome of an election cannot be known, there is no basis for confidence in the results reported from U.S. federal elections; and

Be it also resolved:

Ensuring conclusive results is only one necessary step toward creating a new basis for voter confidence in U.S. federal elections. Additional reforms that would take further steps toward building voter confidence include:

1) voting processes owned and operated entirely in the public domain, and

2) clean money laws to keep all corporate funds out of campaign financing, and

3) a voter verifiable paper ballot for every vote cast and additional uniform standards determined by a non-partisan nationally recognized commission, and

4) declaring election day a national holiday, and

5) counting all votes publicly and locally in the presence of citizen witnesses and
credentialed members of the media, and

6) equal time provisions to be observed by the media along with a measurable increase in local, public control of the airwaves, and

7) presidential debates containing a minimum of three candidates, run by a non-partisan commission comprised of representatives of publicly owned media outlets, and

8) instant runoff voting (see H.R. 5293) and proportional representation to replace the winner-take-all system for federal elections;

Be it further resolved:

When elections are conducted under conditions that prevent conclusive outcomes, the Consent of the Governed is not being sought. Absent this self-evident source of legitimacy, such Consent is not to be assumed or taken for granted.

The permalink for the Voter Confidence Resolution is:

# posted by GuvWurld

Hey Ernest,

You're only gate-keeping when you decry election fraud. Kerry was a fall guy who agreed not to dispute the poll, so who the fuck cares what the "outcome" was. My idea is for all the so-called progressives to admit that electoral politics have been dead in this country since at least Teddy Roosevelt and start to harp on the real source of our pain...the federal reserve and it's fellow criminals in usury... your local bank. The system is perverted to an extreme that even so-called progressives would shy from calling out, so they are a crucial part of the Fascist drive for domination.

Print this,

Ernest Partridge:

I was most heartened to read your 4/26 article and to discover your website. I posted your article to three voting rights listserves, two in Ohio: CASE (Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections) and J30 Election Coaltion; and to a national coalition (United for Secure Elections).

At the bottom of your e-mail you asked for feedback, and I cc'd you on a recent post regarding some proposed legislation in Ohio.

In addition to those ideas, I want to know if you or any of your readers can suggest a way for a group of ordinary citizens in Ohio to force our Secretary of State (an elected position) to answer under oath questions about the November election. Right now the Courts back his refusal to answer to the public.

Ohio attorneys seem focused on other aspects of voting rights, and I just don't want to see this criminal go free, let alone run for Governor. I get email once a week from a new person asking if we're going to pursue prosecution of Blackwell. (Of course, those e-mailers may be Blackwell spies for all I know...lol)

Thanks for your efforts and let me know if you or your readers have advice.


Rady Ananda
Research & Investigations
J30 Election Coalition
Columbus, Ohio

Subject : Reform Now Ohio proposed Constitutional Amendment

Jo Anne (and others)

The initiative proposed by RNO does not answer what I want, as a citizen. I think two of the points are essential: a newly formed Elections Commission (out of the hands of elected officials) and reducing campaign contributions.

And please forgive my ignorance here, but how does redesigning the Redistricting Guidelines in the way suggested in this RNO petition serve democracy, when it still maintains the "two-party" (read, one-party) dominance?

I also don't understand why we would have federal judges appoint who is on a state-level Elections Commission. Why would judges be involved in this process at all? I don't know what to suggest, tho, as to how the Commission is populated. I would hope it is done by non-politicians. Let's remember that Chief Justice Moyer was a named defendant, where his "win" was under question, and refused to recuse himself. How corrupt is that?

Strategically, I think the voters rights movement is wasting its efforts when we try to piecemeal reform legislation that is palatable to the dominant party. I would like to see the entire elections process taken out of political hands, out of corporate hands, and put into the hands of the public.

I want paper-ballots, hand-counted at the precinct, with cameras on the ballot box at all times. (Uploaded to the J30 website are Key Reforms proposed by Common Cause and the League of Women Voters which detail several ways to make our elections honest. See http://groups.yahoo.com/group/J30/ check under Files > Election Law.)

I find it hard to care that the current "elected" officials won't go along with these ideas. I think it's time to take the decision out of their hands. If Blackwell, an elected official, refuses to answer, under oath, questions about the November election ~ and the Courts back him, why should we care any longer what the politicos think?

The government is not answering to its citizens. They - those in our government now - are not going to give us honest elections. They had four years to fix what happened in Florida in 2000 and they failed miserably. Clearly, they have no intention of giving common people the right to elect our representatives. They got into office based on a rigged system ~ why would they ever substantially change that system?

This is our vote. We the people have let politicos run it, to our detriment. I think it's time we took it back.

Marj and others have raised the idea of concurrent polling. At first it seemed to me that any "votes" collected this way would not meet statistical sampling standards, and therefore the vote count would be meaningless. But I've chewed on the idea awhile and I think it would be terrific to hold our own elections, from here on out, outside the polling precinct where we conduct it the way elections should be conducted ~ i.e. we keep a camera on the box that holds the votes, we use multiple parties as witnesses when we count the vote.

We could do it like in Congress where the Electoral votes are read aloud by the Senate President. Someone else keeps a written tally (on a screen large enough for all 535 members to see). At the same time, people in the audience can keep their own tally.

Having honest elections isn't hard at all. What's hard, maybe, is admitting that our current illegitimate government is ever going to give it to us.

But to be conciliatory, if we bother to draft, debate and discuss proposed legislation to give us citizens back our right to vote, then why not simply draft ONE piece of legislation that gives us exactly what we want, and everything that we want.

So to answer your question, Jo Anne, please continue to draft the legislation that we citizens want. Please.

Then I'll help you take petitions to the street for signatures. If most voters in Ohio approve it, then it doesn't matter if our "elected" officials won't go along with the idea.

Rady Ananda

"Nobody is more pro life than an environmentalist" T.A. Barron

Someone has yet to put it all together in a package ... like the Bush Leaguers do with their endless redundant "talking points" and their "unthink tanks". The thugs feel free to destroy the institutions of the government because they know they can control the elections and will never be in the minority again. That is why they so freely abandon ethics issues, attack the judiciary and abandon federalism. It is like organized crime. They operate outside the rules completely. Those of us who sense that, if the electoral issue is lost, all is lost, are the canaries in the mine shaft.

Susan Ann Lewis

I find it ABSURDLY hilarious that avowed supporters of the Democrat Party are crying foul over election fraud. Some of the most blatant example of election fraud in our nation's history have been openly perpetrated by the rank and file of this party during the 2000, 2002 and 2004 elections. The disgrace in New Jersey of Lautenberg being illegally placed on the ballot in the face of ALL pertinent law being merely the most obvious.

Mike Rose
Registered independent voter

Thanks for all your good work on this utterly crucial topic.

Just one suggestion: We need to steer the entire enterprise away from electronics altogether. We need to remove machinery from the voting process altogether. As Lynn Landes so eloquently points out, the absolutely best way to have a trustworthy vote is paper that voters handle, paper that is counted. I like to refer to it as HANDS ON VOTING.

Gone are the hassles with software propriety. Gone are concerns about receipts for recounts (why have a receipt for recount when we can have a much cheaper ballot itself?). Gone are suspicions about central tabulators. The paper ballots are counted in each precinct by members of all interested parties, and these numbers are then made available to any and everyone with a calculator. Any questions raised about honesty within a precinct are cross-checked by all parties; the likelihood of fraud is inversely proportional to population, unlike with machinery. And with the likelihood of fraud greatest in the smallest precincts, there is less ultimate effect.

I know it’s a long shot, but the whole enterprise is a long shot at this point. And I always say, better to shoot for the moon and land somewhere in between than to aim across the street and land in the gutter.

Keep it up!
L. Lynn LeSueur, Ph.D.

I agree, the electoral process is the primary concern right now. The media is not going to cover election fraud. It is working in their favor for now.

Liberal thinking got behind the curve over 25 years ago. We tolerated way too much of the media distortions. Now, they are accepted as fact. Way too many Americans are incapable of independent critical thinking. They rely on their religious leaders, political party and group think for their answers. Mantras are fact. Such as, Reagan ended the cold war. If Americans were to know a little more: the Russian war in Afghanistan was an over extension of their power and Russia became bankrupt both contributed to the downfall. Gorby had the sense to let the walls crumble and he is the one that received the Nobel Peace Prize. American hubris is the problem from our media to the voters. It is going to be our downfall. My hope is that some how, some way there is going to be a way that the mess we are in will be put into some perspective. I know, George Bush is not the man.

The right wing and fundamentalists have been attacking the press for years with their agenda. It has served the press well. I am amazed that the press was so complicit in that Stolen Honor mess against Kerry. I can remember a time that that would have been disallowed not considered a coup. A draft dodger is held in higher esteem than a war vet who had the courage to speak truth to power. A press with military industrial ties is not going to put that one into proper perspective....and Buchanan, Scarborough were crowing about their victory.

Liberals and progressives can attack the media all they want to... but it won't matter to them. Jon Stewart had the right approach...they are hurting our country. Democrats have been demonized... Muslims are terrorists... Women rights are infanticide and so on.

Maybe just maybe we could appeal to this media monster to not incite the public...we are too divided and it is hurting us. Please use some sense in reporting. We have gone too far demonizing people. From the left to the right.... it is time to stop...

How an election should be conducted would be a good start. There seems to be a general acceptance that elections are manipulated and the Republicans are doing a better job. Is this what we want? Let's make third party candidates available. Maybe, more people would become involved. I don't find either party speaking for me. Could the press address these issues for us?

Do we have to be divided into just a two party system that isn't serving us well? Is this country a New Deal vs the new agenda of conservatives? Republican vs Democrat? Fair elections and more choices would level the playing field and include more of us.

Or are we doomed to become like other countries in the world with their divided constituents that fight against each other all the time?

Mary Hough

People just don't get it. The people did not lose the election. Kerry's campaign was not a loser. We got out more people to vote than ever before and every exit poll gave democrats wins.

Rove and his crew manipulated the results on the voting machines, manufactured by loyal republican supporters, and minority voters were hindered from casting ballots.



They belong in jail. They have put our nation under a fascist yolk, created a disaster, and forced us into two wars, and stopped cooperating with the rest of the world. The Muslims will not be defeated, and we will never create a successful democracy in the middle east.

Now they want to bankrupt our social security system and cripple our Medicare.


John A . Samuelson

Couldn't agree more with each point you make in your post of April 26. Just wanted to point out a book that you might find interesting, as it addresses basically every point you make. Authored last autumn by yours truly, Ghosts of Florida: Making Elections Fair For Blacks points out the various flaws that keep our system from accurately measuring and reflecting the will of the voter in general, and the black voter in particular. It also gives direction to the reader on who to pressure and what to say. Info page: www.intelligencesquad.com/id22.html .

Thanks for fighting the good fight.

Tom Grayman


RE:  U.S. Voting System Outsourced to Malay/China (BlackBoxVoting Bulletin)

I am forwarding this to you on the off chance you have not seen it yet.

Your work is, in my opinion, the only work that matters. As you say,
without removing the fraud from the election process, we have no Democracy.

I have no suggestions on how to accomplish this but desperately wish I had
at least one bright idea.

Janice Calvert

Subject: U.S. Voting System Outsourced to Malay/China (BBV Bulletin)

> BLACK BOX BULLETIN* - April 25, 2005
> http://www.blackboxvoting.org

We took part in door to door canvassing and talked to everyone we could about the horrors of the Bush administration before the 2004 election. At that time we were sure beyond any doubt that the election would be fixed. But we felt we could not talk to people about that because it would discourage them from voting. Even at our Democratic meetings, it was as if this fear was not one they wanted discussed for fear it would discourage us from donating our time and money.

Perhaps some of those prominent Democrats are not willing to admit the elections are fixed for the same type of reason.

We have decided that we will allow others to continue donating money to the Democratic party, and we will donate to those working to expose election fraud. We continue to donate time to our Democratic organizations, but until they begin to address the election fraud issue, our money will go elsewhere. We no longer hold back from spreading the word to anyone willing to listen.

Thank your for your contribution to this problem.


Subject : American Politics Journal 4/26/05 -- Instant Activist: You Can Halt Election Fraud


This is a good article, but it has one major problem: to get this and other electoral fraud messages out, we must plan to set up a MARCH ON WASHINGTON AND DEMOCRACY TENT CITY, occupying D.C. from June through September, and implementing national teach-ins which explain how the elections were fixed. The final month, in September, should be dedicated to the setting up of a PEOPLE'S ELECTION REFORM COMMISSION AND THE WRITING OF THE NEW FEDERAL ELECTION LAW.

If we do not carry this action out, forget about everything else. No movement has won any concessions from a corrupt government unless it took the battle to the streets. Think of Gandhi, King, Mandela and Cesar Chavez---all these movements involved street marches, mobilizations and the occupation of public spaces!!!

The question is: Do YOU---yes, YOU-- love your Democracy? Or have you given up?

David Bayer

Subject : Things to do to stop vote fraud

Thanks for your article at http://www.crisispapers.org/essays-p/election-fraud.htm  it was quite
thorough, and I will undoubtably send a lot of people there.

I know that it will be a bit late in the game, but one suggestion I have see made on occasion is this...

"The first progressive into each the booth who finds a black box touchscreen voting machine should simply 'disable' it, and exit the booth to request a 'paper ballot or other alternative'."

1. Disabling a touchscreen requires only drawing a sharp object across the face of the screen or spilling liquid onto it.

2. Of course there will not be enough 'paper ballots' if every single touchscreen is disabled at a given venue, or in a given city or state, but that's not really the VOTER's problem, now is it?

3. Whenever possible, as long as it remains legal, vote by absentee ballot. We in Oregon are spoiled, by having 100% mail-in elections.  I don't know who COUNTS our ballots, but based on state results, I doubt it's one of the Republican-linked companies.

4. Recruit so many people into (and BACK into) the electoral process that even with massive vote-switching, there is no way they can steal an election without it being blatantly obvious and causing a
full-scale, in-the-streets, revolution. i.e., if the margin of victory is only 2%, then it doesn't take much to steal an election.  If the margin of victory is 20%, it's a bit harder. If exit polls say the Reps are losing by 20% and they win, even by 1%, there will be blood in the streets.

Anyway, thanks for your work. Those are just suggestions.

Charlie L
Portland, Oregon

Republicans lie and our kids die.
Republicans steal and give to their rich friends, leaving just an IOU
for our kids to pay off.
Republicans cheat and think they are "moral."
We must flush away all Republicans in '06 and '08.

Dear Earnest,

Thank you for your piece on election fraud. It is, as you say, an enormous issue which if not solved makes the other issues moot.

Here's my idea, and it's as old as the hills, and just as venerable:


Forget black box machines which spit out feel-good paper stubs. This is the most sinister diversion of all because it gives the illusion of accountability, but in reality if the paper is coming from the same vote-stealing machines, then it is worse than useless. Any criminals plotting to steal an election WILL MAKE SURE TO WIN IT BY ENOUGH TO AVOID A RECOUNT (more wasted trees), but the uninformed sheeple will feel secure because the election "could" have been recounted if only it was just a little closer. Dang, funny how things go sometimes, but better luck next time in 2006, 2008, 2010, etc., etc.

Fortunately, paper ballots hand counted are:
1) Cheap
2) Accurate
3) Impossible to corrupt on a mass scale if done right
4) Quick (enough)
5) Recountable, if need be.

People not going along with the idea are suspect as operatives for the power elite....plus, it's fun to watch them twist in the breeze as they spout absurdities to try to justify their corrupt position.

Jim Schaeffer

We have been sending emails, writing letters to our Democratic leadership, and speaking with friends since November 8, 2000. We knew then, that the election process had been "fixed."

Please mail us directly, I have a small email newsletter that I send out and would love to share your work with them directly. Little by little, poco y poco, we will somehow make an impact. I do worry about the controlled opposition (too many Democrats fall under this category).

George and Joan Magit, RN,DNSc., NP
Northridge, CA

Dear Mr. Partridge,

There is no question in my mind that voter fraud and voter suppression have been rampant in this country for at least the last two presidential elections. Florida and Ohio are two examples. I feel that a well thought out conspiracy has been perpetrated on the people of this country. I am not the only one who feels this way.

Carl Weiser wrote an article that described voter irregularities in Ohio. He can be reached at his e- mail address cweiser@gns.gannett.com The current president and his administration should be fully investigated. Karl Rove, presidential advisor, is a person who has no credibility or conscience when it comes to dirty politics.

Thank you,

Ron Kacherian

Subject : BRAVO! Great Insights on Election Stealing in USA

FINALLY.........a credible, well-written, & long overdue assessment of Voter Fraud 101 in modern US elections.......I WILL forward/print out your e-mail to others.

I feel (for what its worth) the Democratic Party is to blame for this critical issue being swept under the rug......after all, if the head honchos in the opposition party ....i.e. Kerry, Edwards, Clinton, H.Dean, etc .... if THEY are silent on this issue, then you almost have to excuse the mainstream media for NOT considering VOTER FRAUD a valid "issue"......(as much as I deplore cable tv news)......so what the heck is UP WITH the DEMS??

They were ROBBED many years in a row and MUMS the word.....perhaps they too, at some point in time, have used these e-voting "tricks"....perhaps in the primaries?????????????

THANKS again so much for your great reporting & spreading the truth!



I have just read your article on vote fraud and wish to suggest a possible remedy. Rather than trying to get the Media or our political representatives (sic) to help us in correcting the voting problems across our country, why not just start an initiative petition in each state to take elections out of private hands and return them to bipartisan volunteer/party/govt./bureaucratic control? We can also demand that elections be randomly audited by bipartisan volunteers with funding and equipment provided by the state. Once each state has disallowed partisan companies from managing our elections in each state, the Feds would have to change federal election laws accordingly. I would imagine that most, if not all, reasonable people would be happy to see this problem fixed, but if we wait for someone "else" to do it or the Media to notice, there will never be any changes. I think initiative petitions are the way to go.

Let me know what you think about this idea.
Cindy Simms
Oklahoma City

Ernest Partridge replies:

A terrific idea!  Strange that I haven't heard it earlier.

Of course referendum laws differ from state to state.  But where they apply, then by all means election reform should be put on the ballot.  If, that is, we can trust the ballot.

There's that damned problem again!

Great election fraud paper!

However, it omitted very important independent and progressive media, like Pacifica radio (which has been around since the invention of fm radio) that airs programs like Amy Goodman's "democracy now!" (which, in addition to pacifica radio, also airs on some public and npr tv and radio in addition to dish tv and direcTV satellite stations). in 2000 and 2004, Amy Goodman did several programs about election fraud featuring prominent independent journalists (credible ones) like Greg Palast, who has indeed written books on the subject, like "the best democracy money can buy."

It would be super if your site updated this already great article with these also great references: Pacifica Radio, Amy Goodman, "Democracy Now!," Greg Palast, and "the best democracy money can buy." check 'em out on the web -- you'll be glad you did.

Thanks for all you do!

A. J. O'Brien


Here's a suggestion:

Why don't you take your biased, left-wing bullshit and stick it where it belongs?

Are you trying to tell us that election fraud is a Republican conspiracy?

If that's the case, how come we've had so many Democratic Presidents? Or, is it your contention that election fraud is a phenomenon which began with the Bush campaign?

The Sinclair broadcast of "Stolen Honor" was hardly a fiasco. It didn't "smear" Kerry's service. It put the undeniable consequences of his antiwar activities in front of the American public. And the program wasn't affected by an outraged "public" but, rather, a concerted attack by orchestrated by the Democratic election committee.

Sorry Doctor but, your political bias is so blatant as to make anything you say suspect. If you are an example of what we are to accept as informative and "truthful," you are correct, the future is grim indeed!

R.M. Montgomery
Palm Bay, FL

I'm sure there will be many suggestions...just an observation

There were two recent elections in foreign countries in which the people did not agree with the outcome and felt the voting had been "fixed"...they came out into the streets, peaceably, and did not relent from registering their protest and unacceptance of the outcome; due to their perseverance, the vote was re-examined and their candidates assumed the office they were intended to occupy

Now that's democracy.

Steffany Field

Mr Partridge,

Thank you, thank you! Thank you for a piece of writing that is at once the most comprehensive, cogent and passionate I have yet seen addressing the issue of election fraud. I've been sounding off about this for some time now to Democrats in Congress (whether they're my reps or not), the Democratic National Committee, various news sources in print, broadcast and the internet, universities and anyone else I can think of. My ears are ringing from the deafening silence in response.

My favorite gambit is directly contacting the sponsors and advertisers that support the broadcast and print media (in addition to the media themselves) . I let them know what I am unhappy about, what I want them to do about it and inform them I will purchase none of their products and services until I see change (it's making my shopping damn difficult). The only responses I've received so far have been of the "thanks for sharing; I'll pass it on" variety. I wonder what Terry Rakolta knew that I don't?

Nor have I been able to get much traction anywhere with this boycott idea when attempting to recruit participants. Maybe in both cases it's just a matter of scream, and scream again. I'll forward your piece to others (I hope that's okay) and just keep plodding on. I'm sorry I can't offer anything constructive that you didn't mention, but will do so if something comes to mind.

I mainly wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you've written. I've told the Democrats over and over that as long as Diebold, Sequoia and ES&S (not to mention attorneys-general who are also campaign managers) are running the elections, all of their self-flagellation and soul-searching about message and strategy is moot. It's good to know there's someone out there with an audience who gets it.

Steven A. Wells
Glendale, CA

Dear Mr. Partridge,

I just read your entire article entitled, " What Can We the People Do About Election Fraud?" A commentator at Brad Blog provided the link to your article. You have stated elegantly what so many of us have known since the November Presidential election. I particularly liked your description of "the seller, the customer, and the product" concerning the media. That is so true!! I've never heard it put quite like that before.

Regarding your comment "Where are the Books? Effective political movements have a supporting literature." There is at least one man writing a book. His name is Bob Fitrakis of the Columbus Free Press in Columbus Ohio. He is an Attorney and was involved in the Moss v. Bush lawsuit seeking to set aside the election results in Ohio. See this link at bradblog.com, and this link for Columbus Free Press.

All of us together are starting to make a difference! I have this strange feeling deep in my gut that things are going to break very soon. There is this extraordinary effort to cover up, and this rogue administration cannot keep up the pace. They are crumbling beneath their own lies.

It reminds me of the old adage, "Oh the tangled web you weave, once you practice to deceive."



Ernest Partridge replies:

I am well aware of Bob Fitrakis' work, and of The Columbus Free Press -- both of which are well represented at our "Election 2004 Fraud" topics page.

However, I did not know that he was working on a book.  That is good news.  Fitrakis is superbly qualified for the task.

There are so many groups that are trying to change the way business is done in DC, that I believe all these groups such as Moveon, True Majority, ACLU, NAACP, Verified Voting, Truth Out,AFL-CIO, and the many, many more that escape my memory, should come together and have a million man sit in in DC until a bill is passed requiring a paper trail that is counted, and as you suggested, random machines checked.  Even if this means calling a special session as they did for Terry Schievo.

Caravans by bus and train could be set up in different cities to transport people.  We could take sleeping bags, water and healthy snacks that don't require refrigeration and stay until the job is done.

We would need prominent speakers such as Al Gore, Howard Dean, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and a host of others. This would have to be peaceful. That couldn't be stressed enough.
When demonstrations are held in different cities, they don't get much coverage from the media. A million people converging in DC would have to get the media's attention. There are probably some republicans that would join in as I know a couple who never voted for a democrat until this last election.

If this were well advertised, people who don't received emails from these groups, may just join in.
This is the first time that I have heard of the Crisis Papers. So there must be other groups that I haven't heard of before.

Think this could happen? Years ago there was a million man march in DC. that got a lot of coverage.

Forget who organized it.

Catherine Lelli

Ernest Partridge suggests:

While they are at it, maybe a few thousand of those millions could protest in front of the mainstream media offices in DC, and announce that they plan to stay there until the million person march was reported fairly in the media.

Subject : The Decline and Fall of the American Empire


Many friends ask why I return to Reagan as the start of corruption in America? Well, there are others who begin there. More signs of the absolute corruption of our system are found in the following:

1- the acceptance by the public of two fixed presidential elections (02 and 04) despite the overwhelming evidence: instead of accusing those of us who have put the information out as "conspiracy theorists", these same people (and many of you) should be calling for full hand recounts in Florida and Ohio. AND UNTIL YOU DO, YOU ARE AS FULLY CORRUPTED AS THOSE that participated in the fixing of the election. SHOW US THAT THE EXIT POLLS WERE WRONG: what are you afraid of? That your final belief in the so-called "goodness" of our system will be obliterated? Yes, it hurts but at least respect all those who gave their life for our democracy in the past and have the courage to face the truth: the 2004 election WAS FIXED!

[See "Election Solarbus"  and an analysis of the exit poll discrepancies]

2- the two oldest civil rights organizations--LULAC and the NAACP-- are absolutely SILENT on the fixed-election issue, laying prostrate before the Bush boys and selling out their people who gave their blood for the right to vote.

3- LULAC's embrace of Bush's Attorney General who was one of the key players in justifying torture and stating that the U.S. did not have to abide by the Geneva Conventions. Again--less anyone have any illusions and in all fairness to the thousands of LULAC members at the grass roots level---this decision was taken by the LULAC President and Executive Board without any consultation with the LULAC membership! And it makes sense: to support such a corrupted nominee AND PRESIDENT, both whom exemplify "ANTI-DEMOCRATIC" behavior, the LULAC Board had to implement its most pernicious anti-democratic process!

Please read what others are saying about us below.

David Bayer

If you want to understand how unregulated capitalism has replaced democracy in American and its consequences for our lives, read this article.


Thom Hartmann's "Independent Thinker" Book of the Month

After the Empire by Emmanuel Todd, Review by Thom Hartmann .

(See also my "The Vulnerable Giant" and "The Late, Great, American Republic" EP)

Don't kid yourself about Nevada (I live there). Our machines were given to the State and gladly accepted by the Secretary of State (an ultra-conservative, I could go on and on about him). Yes, you saw a paper ballot but so what. The votes were all compiled on a windows based machine. No one has access to the paper ballots. Strange too, Nevada voted to increase the minimum wage, elected some liberal state office holders and Bush won by 21,000 votes. Oh yes, the Secretary of State (Dean Heller) refused to authorize a recount.

Robert Hiller

Subject : Thanks for your breath of fresh air


I am a 29 year old “independent” voter. It wasn’t until the 2004 election that I truly woke up and realized the state of our elections. On November 4th, I woke up to the news, shook my head, and realized there was no way that Bush won. I then started doing my own research online. I am amazed at both the evidence for fraud and the silence about it. You mentioned that one thing that people can do is to convince their Progressive leaders that this election was stolen. I think that is probably one of the best things we can do. I was wondering though, don’t you think our congress men and women know? I mean, even Theresa Heinz Kerry has publicly talked about the problem of the voting machines and stealing the vote. I think getting MoveOn to acknowledge it would be a big step, they seem to be doing a lot and have many supporters. Anyway, thanks for your website, it help the rest of us “in the know” from feeling so isolated. –

Dora Copperthite

Here's a mind-blower.

What if there really is election fraud! But it's not the Republicans committing it. It's the libs and the nutty moonbat squad from DU!

Think about it. Washington State governor's race...dead people voting...stuffed ballot boxes....think of the fraud!

Where are you on this one, Ernie!

Did Ernest go out to lunch?

Kevin Punsky

Subject : If They Can Hand Recount in Washington State, Why Not in Florida and Ohio? The Statistical Evidence in Florida & Ohio is Stronger than the Evidence Being used in Washington State/.


In Washington State, the Republicans have appealed to the courts to challenge the 2004 Governor's election on the basis of a STATISTICAL MODEL related to the proportion of so-called "illegal" voters. This model will be used to subtract votes from the Democratic winner, Christine Gregoire, who won by 129 votes after several recounts. The court has approved this appeal by the Republican challenger, Dino Rossi, and he could win the election.

The STATISTICAL MODEL works like this:

Republicans claim they've identified more than 1,000 illegal votes -- mostly felons, but also unverified provisional ballots and a few dead voters. Using the proportional analysis method, they want the court to subtract illegal votes from both candidates' totals according to precinct voting patterns. For example, if 10 illegal votes came from a precinct that voted 60 percent for Gregoire and 40 percent for Rossi, the Republicans would deduct six votes from Gregoire and four from Rossi. Most of the illegal votes Republicans have identified come from King County, which went 58 percent for Gregoire.

Governor Christine Gregoire was sworn in months ago in Washington State-- the Republican Secretary of State certified her victory, and she's been governing for over 100 days.  Her race was close -- that's why, immediately after the election, they conducted an initial machine recount. Then they conducted a hand recount of 2.9 million ballots to make sure that every legal vote was protected and counted.

But guess what -- the Republican who lost the election still won't admit defeat. He's struggling to seize power and stay in the headlines by holding press conferences, running ads and filing junk lawsuits. He has even publicly released lists of people he thinks shouldn't have been allowed to vote and accused others of being convicted felons -- only to find that his lists contained registered, legal voters every time.

Now if they can use a STATISTICAL MODEL to justify a recount in Washington State, why can they not do a hand recount of all the votes in Ohio and Florida? The evidence of voter fraud in the 2004 Presidential election based on EXIT POLLS is far stronger evidence of fraud than they are using in Washington State as indicated by the following:




But do NOT expect the "prostrated Press and Media", dishonest, irresponsible and fully unprofessional to raise a "peep".

Except for the "underground press" and the "internet press", THERE IS NOT ANY FREE PRESS IN THE UNITED STATES, TODAY.

If there were, we would not have to be badgering it to WAKE UP and act like honest men and women!!!!

Maybe some of you will have the guts to raise the same question and get the Media / Press to act.

David Bayer


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