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September 20, 2005

To our readers who donated to our recent appeal for funds: We thank you for your confidence and your support for what we are doing here at The Crisis Papers.  Without your financial and moral support, we simply wouldn't be here.

To those who haven't contributed yet: it's never too late.

The Editors.

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A Note to Our Readers After the November 2, 2004 Election

In the aftermath of the 2004 election, we at The Crisis Papers might have given up and hibernated in a cave for four years, hoping that, by then, the worst of the Bush storms would have blown over.  But we dread to imagine what we might find after Bush, Inc., had their uncontested way with our republic during those four years.

So we intend to stay in the fight.  The Crisis Papers exists to tell the truth, to focus attention on what the captive mainstream media strives to keep hidden.  

That means links to important articles, our new essays and blogs, Letters to the Editors from readers like you, The Dissenting Internet list, our Activists' Page, and on and on. In the aftermath of Election Day 2004, we need opposition websites like The Crisis Papers (and BuzzFlash, Smirking Chimp, Truthout, Democratic Underground and the many others) to keep the voice of dissent alive and to build and maintain a momentum for change.

But we progressive websites need money in order to pay our back bills, to keep going -- and, potentially, to grow.

We realize that, like us, you donated money to your favorite candidates in the November 2004 election. Now we're asking you to turn your attention to the online sources of information and donate there  to make sure that the fires of opposition are built strongly enough to keep their lights illuminating the way.  You can be confident that the mainstream media will not do it.

Please send a check in whatever amount you can afford (our average donation is $50) to The Crisis Papers, 197 Bonview St., Box C, San Francisco, CA. 94110.

We promise to put that money to good use in continuing to inform, agitate, propose -- and, most importantly these days, to oppose. We will be eternally grateful for your support.

Thank you.

Ernest Partridge/Bernard Weiner, Editors


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