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If we approached [the issue of election reform] with the same conviction that we used on the Sinclair Broadcasting unfairness issue, we CAN do it. That is, if each of us who believe we cannot wait yet another four wars to bring a stop to these massive election shenanigans that have jeopardized the core of our democracy, then make a commitment to spend a day, or at least devote 20 minutes every day between now and January 6th, contacting Congress and asking if they will be OUR Second Millennium John Hancock.

To write Senators: 

To write the House of Representatives:

Congress telephone numbers website: 

Money: Donate money to organized groups working on this cause, such as The only group I personally know of that is singularly devoted to the Voting Irregularity Project ("VIP") is and their address is: 

Petition: Sign's petition for Congress to look into election irregularities at: 

Specialist Verifications: If you are a concerned computer scientist, statistician, pollster, please prepare a press release to address to Congress that outlines your non-partisan science-based findings. For instance, you might affirm that in a sound electoral policy that auditibility is the only way to prove legitimacy, or ?

Compendium of Election Complaints: I made up the "100,000 complaints made by ordinary citizens." The number may in fact exceed that--I don't know. Here are the links to the voting irregularity compendiums that I am aware of so that someone can attain the actual number thus far:

Verified Voting 

Voter's Unite: 

Daily Kos Dkosopedia (Ohio):

Democratic Underground (Compendium of voting problem "Hotlines") 

Inform the Media: Describe what real leadership can look like when our Second Millennium John Hancocks take on the Voting Integrity Project ("VIP") mandate: 

Legal Grounds: We do have legal grounds for "reasonable suspicion." For an excellent legal opinion and historical precedent for the democrats to find their conviction, see: 

Jan. 6th Action: I am informed that all it takes is ONE Congress person to call for investigation of the accuracy of the Presidential election on January 6th to delay the confirmation of the Presidency. While that may be true, of course, a coalition would be preferable. We cannot wait four more wars to clean up our electoral process. If you are deeply suspicious that this election was once AGAIN stolen, then the time is NOW, before it is too late, to explore every legal option available to us, because to do otherwise is unconscionable.

Firenze Centaur 12/04 update

Activism:  [Request for Columbus, OH protest photos]  [Ask the media to do a real investigation, here's an example of what one looks like...]

"['s] Editor's Note | Any who wish to see this hearing receive wide attention should contact their Senators and Representatives and ask that they attend. Furthermore, any who wish to see this hearing receive wide attention should contact the television network C-SPAN and ask them to broadcast the event in its entirety. C-SPAN accepts suggestions for events to be broadcast at The network can also be contacted via telephone at (202) 737-3220.

TIDAL WAVE of citizen and government action

This is an excellent post by Amy Fay Kaplan and the first action in it is super easy--just click and a prewritten letter comes up for you to sign (see below)! Thanks, Cheryl

For more action alerts to facilitate recounts and help investigate vote fraud and list of vote fraud demos around country--including White Plains on the 8th and NYC on the 11th and 18th-- including see (and keep checking)  .  especially Kerry action  and for full Blackwell action with sample letter and more contact info (including fax)

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