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Dr. Ernest Partridge  is a philosopher with a specialty in moral philosophy (ethics) and environmental ethics. He has taught at several campuses of the University of California and at the University of Colorado.  Partridge has published over seventy refereed and invited scholarly papers, and is the editor of Responsibilities to Future Generations (Prometheus, 1981). Most recently, he has contributed numerous articles to progressive websites. He is the editor and sole writer of the website, The Online Gadfly.   Partridge is currently at work on a book, Conscience of a Progressive,  which can be seen in progress online.  He resides in the San Bernardino mountains, east of Los Angeles. 

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Dr. Bernard Weiner 
has taught American politics and international relations at Western Washington University and San Diego State University. He was an anti-war activist and activist journalist in the ‘60s and '70s, and served as an editor of Northwest Passage in the Pacific Northwest. He was with the San Francisco Chronicle for nearly twenty years as a writer/editor/critic, and has published  in The Nation, Village Voice, The Progressive, CounterPunch, The Progressive Populist, and widely on the internet. He is the author of “Boy Into Man: A Fathers’ Guide to Initiation of Teenage Sons” (Transformation Press), four volumes of poetry, and numerous plays. He lives in San Francisco. 

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December, 2009

Most animals go into hibernation cycle during Winter. We at The Crisis Papers are contrarians.  After a long Spring/Summer/Fall hiatus, we've emerged from our caves once again to do battle in the political trenches.

Mostly, as is our wont, we'll be going after the close-minded, dangerously partisan Republicans who seem to care not a whit for the welfare of those less-fortunate than themselves. It's "nothing personal," they tell us.  Apparently it's just their greed-is-best approach that prevents them from exercising their humanity.

After granting President Obama a long "honeymoon" period, it is our intention to speak out about his domestic policy mistakes and as he marches lock-step with the military/industrial complex into yet another escalation of an unnecessary war. We hope we can help put some spine into enough Democrats in Congress to deny funding for Obama's Afghanistan adventure.

We spent more than six years in weekly battle with the CheneyBush Administration, putting off important personal projects in order fight the good fight.  From now on, while our contributions will not occur each and every week, we will be producing new essays and blogs (with our informal notes and reflections) on a fairly regular basis.

We anticipate that our essays will also appear at many of the numerous established progressive websites that, in the past, have re-posted our essays on their sites: Democratic Underground, BuzzFlash, OpEd News, Scoop, Smirking Chimp, After Downing Street, American Politics Journal, Daily Crock, ToppleBush, Dissident Voice, CounterCurrents, Online Journal, ObamaWatch, et al.

"Friends of The Crisis Papers" who have visited this website in the past will notice some formatting changes. We have added a left-hand border with internal links to facilitate navigation within the site. Additional format changes should result in an easier read.  All the feature pages have been reformatted. However, at this date (December 15, 2009) we are still at work formatting the essay pages, in reverse chronological order. Because there are several hundred essays in this collection this will take awhile.

Unfortunately, these format changes do not print well.  In the near future, we expect to add "printer friendly" options.  For all five-hundred or so essays?  Not likely.  But at least for the "Editors' Choices" (about one-hundred).  In the meantime, if you want a printout, we suggest that you copy and paste the texts on to your word-processor. 

We look forward to hearing from you about our new direction, our new "look," and our new essays and blogs.  

The Editors

Crisis Papers editors, Partridge & Weiner, are available for public speaking appearances