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A New Essay by Ernest Partridge

Let's End the New Cold War Before it Heats Up


March 5, 2015







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"America has become amnesiac— a country in which forms of historical, political, and moral forgetting are not only willfully practiced but celebrated. The United States has degenerated into a social order that is awash in public stupidity and views critical thought as both a liability and a threat. Not only is this obvious in the presence of a celebrity culture that embraces the banal and idiotic, but also in the prevailing discourses and policies of a range of politicians and anti-public intellectuals who believe that the legacy of the Enlightenment needs to be reversed."

Henry A Giroux


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Ernest Partridge

NEW:  Let's End the New Cold War Before it Heats Up.    The United States and Russia are rushing, relentlessly, toward war, unless cooler voices are heard and heeded. Those voices are not being heard in our mass media or heeded by our politicians. The familiar historical indicators of a march to war are apparent to all with eyes to see: arms buildup, depersonalization of the "enemy," demonization of its leaders, marginalizing of moderate voices, suppression of dissent, refusal to negotiate and compromise in good faith, deliberate failure to recognize the concerns and interests of "the other."

REPRISE:   Bungling Toward Oblivion:  A Letter to my Friends in Russia.   Recent tensions between the United States and Russia portend a renewal of  the Cold War.  However, this is no time for despair. Rather it is a time for a renewed determination of men and women of good will on both sides to resist this drift toward confrontation, and to strive to restore the brief moment of friendship, respect and mutual cooperation that we experienced scarcely a decade ago.  (July 2, 2014)

Conscience of a Progressive.
A Book in Progress

Bernard Weiner: 

NEW:  It's the Stupid, Stupid. The U.S., in the past few years having virtually exited from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, has now initiated a new, two-headed war in Syria and Iraq. Have we learned nothing from the quagmire campaigns in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan? Behaving this way is the very definition of "stupid."   

  Letter to European Friends: Understanding "The Stupid" in U.S. Politics.  To understand how and why the U.S. behaves ignorantly at times in its foreign policy, it helps to understand the crazy in domestic politics. A primer on how we got to today's partisan warfare and what can be done about it. (First published October 16, 2013) 


Guest Essay: A Russian Replies to Ernest Partridge's "Letter to My Friends in Russia."

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Ernest Partridge's Blog:  Climate Change: The Debate Continues.

Bernard Weiner's Blog:  A series of encounters over the weekend emphasized the necessity and strength of community and the principle of the "public good," a concept that is anathema to so many conservative Republicans.  All that plus George Clooney in "Up in the Air.