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There's nothing worse in this world than war, because war renders everything else irrelevant. When there is war there is neither good nor bad, there is only war. So when they make documentaries in the West about Russia mounting offensives and launching missile strikes, there's one thing they fail to understand. The mere mention of war to a Russian makes our skin crawl. It gives is a sense of the world coming to an end -- a sense of panic. Once they realize [this], (if they ever do), they will be able to understand everything about us. We have lived through real war so many times -- not the movies or video games, they way they experience war. It is not even the kind of war where they dispatch their troops elsewhere, not knowing what it is like to fight a war at home. If they ever realized that, which I hope they will, they are bound to feel guilty and ashamed of what they are doing right now.

Maria Zakharova
Russian Foreign Ministry


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Ernest Partridge

NEW:  A Martian View of the New Cold War.  "The moral point of view" -- the perspective of the unbiased, informed and benevolent observer -- has many names, and is prominent in the history of moral and political philosophy.  Perhaps the dangerous new cold war between Russia and the United States/NATO might be disengaged through negotiation from the moral point of view.

REPRISE:  Thinking Like a Russian.  If the current conflict with Russia is to end peacefully, both sides must diligently strive to understand the minds and motivations of their opponents. And yet, as I read and listen to the commentary in the American media regarding this conflict, I find little evidence or interest in seriously inquiring what it is like to think like a Russian. One need not agree with, still more justify, the Russian point of view. But at the very least, one must understand it.

Conscience of a Progressive.
A Book in Progress

Bernard Weiner: 

NEW:  Is the Future a Trump-Led Apartheid Society?  Never underestimate the strength and power of racist strains in the body politic. Trumpism flourishes in this over-heated social environment. Imagine the reckless damage that the GOP candidate could do in race-relations were he to win — and then take action to make sure it never happens. 

  Letter to European Friends: Understanding "The Stupid" in U.S. Politics.  “One could go back to the aftermath of the Civil War, when the Southern Confederacy — whose economic/social/political system rested on the institution of slavery -- felt victimized and humiliated…. More and more, discredited Confederate concepts -- such as state ‘nullification’ of federal law, secession from the U.S., calls for impeachment of the first African-American President -- are discussed as if they were possible solutions to what ails them." (First posted Oct 16, 2013)