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November 13, 2016







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America has become amnesiac— a country in which forms of historical, political, and moral forgetting are not only wilfully practiced but celebrated. The United States has degenerated into a social order that is awash in public stupidity and views critical thought as both a liability and a threat. Not only is this obvious in the presence of a celebrity culture that embraces the banal and idiotic, but also in the prevailing discourses and policies of a range of politicians and anti-public intellectuals who believe that the legacy of the Enlightenment needs to be reversed.

Henry A Giroux


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Ernest Partridge

NEW:  Adieu, the Progressive Internet?  During the afternoon of Election Day, November 8, the progressive website Democratic Underground was hacked and shut down. At this writing, five days later, it remains offline. The identity of the culprit is unknown. Best case: a presumably Trump supporter acting spontaneously on his own – an isolated and rare event. Worse case: an early shot in an incipient cyber war against liberal dissent. We must hope for the best case, and prepare for the worst.

REPRISE:  The Big Lie. Is there any limit to the outrageousness of the GOP lies?  Is there any limit to the capacity of a large number of our fellow citizens to believe these lies?  If it were in the interest of the ruling oligarchs to convince a majority of the public that the earth is flat, could they succeed?  This is, after all, a public almost half of which refuses to accept evolution – the central coordinating concept of modern biology.


Bernard Weiner: 

NEW:  James Comey Visits his Shrink.  James Comey is an emotional wreck as he tries to deal with the political snakepit that is the FBI these days: a pro-Trump faction engaged with a more moderate faction in a war of pre-election leaks. Come needs help. In his psychiatrist, the Bureau director finally has somebody he can vent to. 

REPRISE:  Germany In 1933: The Easy Slide Into Fascism  This essay, written when the CheneyBush administration was running roughshod over the Constitution, is still relevant today as our homegrown neo-fascists have entered the political mainstream. Trump makes George W. seem like a genteel moderate. The parallels to the rise of fascism in 1930 Europe, of course, are not exact, but seem eerily familiar.(First posted June 9, 2003) 


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